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Posi-Gate PB-08 

The PB-08 is a microphone gate with a build in position and acceleration sensor. The devices works with 48V phantom power and it passes the phantom power to the mic in order that every mic type can be use. A press and hold on the push button will change between 3 different movement sensitivities and the position recognition. An led will indicate the sensitivity and mode. The following modes are possible:

1 x flash: the PB-08 switches the mic on when small movements are recognized. The mice will be switched off after 2 seconds if no motion is recognized. This mode is usuable for silent stages and slow movements of the artist.

2 x flash: This mode is less sensitiv and usuable for moderate noise environemets on stage and for artists with a moderate activity on stage what will switch on the mic.

3 x flash: This mode is usuable in noisy environments but need a higher motion activity of the artist to switch on the mic.

Permanent on: By continuing presson the button will the Posi-Gate change to the position recognize mode. A turn of  the mic to the lowest and the highest position (like on the right side indicated) and back while holding the push button will set the borders in the vertical level. The values will be storage in the device after the release of the push button.


Here you can download the manual as pdf

RSP 178,- Euro

Physical dimensions:
 68mm x 35 mm x 21 mm
Current consumption:
about 3,5 mA
Frequency response
20 Hz - 20 kHz +/- 1dB
XLR input and output
Switch on time
< 0,3 sec.
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The Posi-Gate can switch on the mic between the 2 positions like in the example above and switch off the mic outside of these 2 angles.