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Varibox 3

Most power distribution boxes on the market are usually not equipped with a power line monitor system so can not indicate and switch off overvoltage's. A solution to these problems is the Varibox  V3. The Varibox series comes in a 3 rack unit box. 3 implemented relay will switch off the schuko sockets within 0,1 sec if overvoltage's are present.

The Varibox display indicate the following parameters:

- Line voltages L1, L2, L3
- Line power P1, P2, P3 (change via a press on the touch screen)
- Turn direction
- Time

The letters will change from white to red if overvolatges are present, what allow an easier indication from the far.

The switch value of overvoltages can be changed for voltages up to 300 Volt.

RSP 553,- Euro


Varibox Front

480 mm x 135 mm x 275 mm
32 Ampere CEE, 1-3 phases, 170 - 400 Volt
Tolerances voltage sensor:
+/- 3 %
Tolerances power sensor
+/- 6 % +/- 1 digit
Switch off time:
Below 100 ms
Max. current per output:
16 Ampere
Switch hysteresis:
Min. +/- 5 Volt
Connectors Output
 6 x Schuko, 1 x CEE 16 Ampere
Regulations and norms:
VDE 0110 dust category 2, CE, ROHS, UL